Vertu Ferrari N9 – The Phone!

Ferrari is well known brand in the automobile industry and is also known by the name of King of the Roads. The cars manufactured by this brand are a perfect masterpiece reflecting unique design and passion. The passion and excellence is being revealed by the luxury cell phones crafted by this brand. The brand in collaboration with the luxury mobile king Vertu has created another masterpiece with outstanding design and amazing features. It is a perfect combination of style, uniqueness and passion. The cell phone is released by the name of N9 and is appealing the customers. The Ferrari symbol below the keypad is adds to the lavishness of the device.

This hot spot cell phone reflects an exquisite design with excellent craftsmanship and classical Ferrari display and (more…)

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Make Dual Impression With New Kingk 800 Dual SIM Luxury Mobile Phone

Mobile phone now is no more a mean to communicate only. People prefer mobiles which are trendy and stylish. This new trend has given rise to a new segment of designer and luxury mobile phones. A new luxury mobile phone Kingk 800 has launched recently. This is a slim and chic looking device. The curvy casing along with stylish keyboard design makes it very trendy and unique. It also features a sapphire blue crystal screen which gives this luxury phone a classy minimalist feel. The body of this luxury mobile is done with stainless steel which makes it delicate as well as abrasion proof.

This phone has gained popularity because of its bold, sporty and very modern design which has attracted youth toward it. Streamlined forms along with sleek lines as style (more…)

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Rose Gold And Steel Edition Take Luxury To A New Height

Ulysse Nardin is a brand name which is synonymous of luxury and exquisite. The Swiss craftsmanship is simply outstanding when it comes to unique and exclusive designs. This brand has been giving world with some of the most unique and stylish luxury watched. Following the footsteps of the fellow watchmaker Tag Heuer, Ulysse Nardin has also stepped in the market of the luxury mobile handset. Adding class to their series of Chairman mobile phones, they have launched a new series called as new Chairman Rose Gold and Steel edition. It is an upgrade to its pervious series of luxury mobile handset.

What really makes this luxury mobile handset stand out completely from the other luxury mobile phones in the (more…)

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Vertu Ferrari Ascent V2 – A Luxury Mobile Phone

The demand of luxury phones is increasing day by day. This is due to the fact that with the progressing world people have become more conscious about their standard and reputation in the society. Therefore, to fulfill the demands of the customers and provide them satisfaction several companies have entered into this field. Not only the mobile phone manufacturing companies but numerous known brands from other fields have also entered this appealing industry. Some companies have also undergone a joint venture and have resulted in some exclusive legendary handsets that reflect luxury.

One such joint venture is between two iconic brands, VERTU and Italian Car king Ferrari. These two brands are known for their passionate design, unique craftsmanship and excellent performance. In their pursuit of brilliance, they have been designing thrilling cell phones with an exclusive range of services providing the customers with a new feel of luxury and the electrifying world of Ferrari. Vertu is a British luxury cell phone (more…)

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